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Security and reliability from beginning to end to give you peace of mind. At Expeditors, we place a high value on our service provider relationships all around the world, from air, ocean and trucking providers to technology partners. Just as with our own employees, we expect the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and security from our service providers. This relationship-focused approach preserves the security, confidentiality and availability of information and helps minimize exposure to risk.




Cybersecurity starts with people and is woven into the fabric of our technology solutions. Preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is the responsibility of everyone at Expeditors. We make sure we are prepared with an uncompromising focus on education, awareness, and accountability. Our Cybersecurity program has the expertise and technology to ensure reliable operations and protect, monitor, and respond to ongoing cyber threats, however it’s our people who are the first and last line of defense.


Risk Management

Expeditors’ Disaster Recovery and High Availability programs ensure continuous system availability around the globe. Our global business continuity plan addresses business interruption and contingency planning for our people, our facilities, and our systems. The plan includes regional crisis management teams that can respond quickly with proven solutions, including responding to cybersecurity events.


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servers monitored globally, because uptime matters


Case Study

A global technology original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needed a new fulfillment model and only had two months for the transition. See how Expeditors deployed a network management center (NMC) to meet those needs and deliver a solid foundation for future expansion.

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